Our Services

Vehicle Inspection

If you are in need of vehicle inspection service , look no further than GMT.Our routine courtesy check is our basic vechicle inspection, performed by a GMT who will examine your entire car.
Vehicle Hoses
Head lights
Brake lights
Turn signals
Fluid levels
Windshield wipers


Break System

The life of you and your loved ones depends on the you your breaks.We understand the why it is so important for you, we do a complete break inspection such as
Wheel cylinders
Parking brake assembly
Master cylinder
Power booster
Brake hoses
Brake drums and rotors
Brake fluid
Anti-lock braking system components (ABS)
Wheel bearings

Engine Repair

Engine are very essential componen of a car, so take care of you engine and you have better chance of lasting for the longer time.If you stay on top of your engine maintenence and tend to any engine repair immediately , your car last long. If something as important as car engine repair, trust the experts at GMT.Our highly skilled mechanics will take care of you engine.


Transmission System

Transmission is one of the important and most complicated component in the car.Our experts are capable of fixing all types of vechicle transmission. We not only replace the system but also able to repair the faulty system which will reduce your cost.